Taxing a Probate Estate

There is an old saying that only two things are for certain, death and taxes. These two concepts are very real with respect to trusts and estates. The California Probate Code is a series of laws that contemplate what happens upon a person’s death. With death come various tax liabilities. Just as an individual who […]

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Preserving Home Value Under Probate

Suppose a person dies with a will in California that leaves a number of assets to his or her children. At this point, the will is subject to probate and must be administered by a California Probate Court. This will be a lengthy process wherein there may be several court hearings and the heirs may […]

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Avoiding Probate

People will often seek to set up a living trust containing money and property so that their children will inherit it when they pass on. California law recognizes living trusts and these are often used as alternatives to wills. In fact, it is often more beneficial to create a living trust than a will with […]

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