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When it comes to planning for your and your family’s futures, it is crucial that you work with an experienced trust and estate planning attorney who can help you understand how this area of the law works and how it can work in your best interest. This includes assistance with setting up durable powers of attorney, estate planning, healthcare directives, living trusts, and wills – whatever your particular circumstances demand. The right kind of planning can help prevent familial discord later on.

At the Tavare Law Group, we have extensive experience and knowledge in drafting wills and trusts, and we can help ensure that you are on the right track with yours. We have seen countless families experiencing loss that sneaks up on them, without any ability to prepare or direction from their loved ones as to their wants. When families put off the important job of estate planning, the local government then gets involved in how that estate is distributed.

How to Begin Your Estate Planning

The first step in getting started on estate planning is to contact our Hayward estate planning law firm and set up a meeting. In this initial meeting, we will discuss your concerns, needs, what options you have, etc. We will go through all of the various types of plans, and what makes sense based upon your assets and lifestyle. While there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to creating an estate plan, there are some basic common steps that are taken by many families, which are discussed in greater detail below.

Getting Started on Your Will: Be Specific

A will is an important first step in ensuring that your chosen heirs get the assets that you want to leave to them. You will name an executor in the document, who will distribute the estate according to your wishes and pay any debts. If you do not draft a will, the distribution of your property depends upon your state’s laws of intestacy (usually split amongst your spouse, your children, blood relatives, etc.).

Unfortunately, there are many websites out there that advertise do-it-yourself online; however, one-size-fits-all templates can be dangerous when it comes to wills, and if/when errors are made, this can cost your family thousands of dollars in legal fees and taxes. Conversely, an estate planning attorney who knows the law and has been practicing in this area for years can help ensure that this does not happen.

Selecting Beneficiaries and Choosing an Executor

Selecting your beneficiaries is perhaps the most important part of the will drafting process. Your attorney can not only assist you in writing your will, but in helping you approach your family and discuss these issues so that all of you are prepared and so as to avoid the chance of family discord.

Your executor is tasked with making sure the provisions of your will come to fruition; thus you want to make sure that it is not only someone that you trust, but that, if you choose to select one of your children as your executor, that this will not lead to any unintended family discord. You will also want to decide if your executor will receive any compensation for their services. The last thing that you want to do in your will is include any vague language that could lead to confusion in this area.

Do You Need to Designate a Guardian for Minor Children?

Parents with minor children will also want to designate a guardian for their children in their will. Your attorney can help you figure out who in your life this should be, as well as how you should approach them and discuss it beforehand.

About The Tavare Law Group

Our legal team is a boutique estate planning firm located in Castro Valley, California. We specialize in estate planning, financial powers of attorney, healthcare directives, revocable and irrevocable living trusts, drafting wills, etc. We can also assist you with charitable trusts, qualified domestic trusts, guardianships, and special needs trusts.

Founder Melanie Tavare grew up in Berkeley and stayed here in the bay area for her entire education, including law school. As a mother of two who has been practicing estate planning law for years, she knows how important it is to work with someone you trust when it comes to making provisions for the future. She has been featured in SuperLawyers as a “rising star” attorney – an award that is given to less than 5% of practicing attorneys. Since 2013, she has been featured in SuperLawyers every year. She prides herself on providing nothing but the best for her clients.

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Other steps that need to be taken in preparation of your will include ensuring that witnesses are present for signing the will and ensuring that you store it in a safe, secure location. Contact Us Today to schedule an appointment and find out how we can serve you and your family and provide you with peace of mind. Hayward Bay Area Estate Planning Firm cover Trusts, Wills, and Powers of Attorney for Finances and Healthcare.